K&G Entrance is New England's leading revolving door and commercial door repair company

If your door doesn't work, your clients and employees can't get in. An inoperable door poses a security threat and is problematic if people need to leave the building in a hurry during an emergency.

K&G Entrance has repair service professionals that will assess and repair the damage to your door or replace it quickly and efficiently.

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Revolving Door Maintenance

The following work will be performed on your revolving doors as an annual maintenance program allowing the door to spin properly, collapse under pressure, avoid corrosion and be weather efficient.

1) The (4) revolving door wings will be removed. The door wings will receive new  factory weather-stripping on the top, bottom and sides. The door pockets that slide on the hangers will be cleaned and greased allowing the doors to be removed and installed with ease.

2) The center shaft with the collapsing hangers will be removed. All eight top and bottom hangers will be taken off the center shaft and broken down, including the sleeve, rollers ball and tension spring. All parts will be cleaned and properly lubricated.

3) The overhead or floor speed control will be removed. The lubricant inside the speed control will be drained and replaced. The tension brake located inside will be adjusted for proper speed.

4) The bottom trust bearing will be taken out of the floor pivot housing. The bearing will be cleaned and repacked with marine grade high performance grease.

5) The door will be put back together and all handles, push rubber and bumpers will be checked and tightened.

We will provide a painted protection to cover the outside door opening while the service is being performed.

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